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Scenes from previous mission trips

We have been taking teams on missions in Canada and overseas for over 15 years now. To get a feel for who we are and what we’ve done in our missions, enjoy the scenes below:

Building a computer lab in Rwanda

In July, 2009, our team took a number of donated computers and established a computer lab at a school for orphans just outside Butare. The computers were donated by various universities and business, and are the first computers to be available to the staff and students at the school.

Working in a refugee camp

On that same trip, we worked in a refugee camp on the border of Rwanda and Tanzania. These people had fled the genocide in Rwanda, and then been forced out of Tanzania with little but the clothing on their backs. We ran programs for their children and taught English in their church.

Teaching English in Ukraine

Ukraine ESL 1
Every spring, after our TESOL course, we take the newly-trained English teachers to Ternopil, Ukraine to spend a month teaching English there. Word is put out in the community that the English classes are free, and the teachers are native English speakers (a rare thing there). Pretty soon we are greeted with a large and eager group of students. We divide them into beginner and intermediate classes and meet them 5 times a week for class. By the end of the month, we are fast friends, as you can see. (The lady with the white hair is the teacher they are group hugging.) One student said, “Before I spent this month with you, no one could understand me when I spoke English. Now my English friends say they can understand me.”

For more information on learning how to Teach English, click on the Learn to Teach English link.

The Sound of Hope - Rwanda 2007

In July, 2007, a team of 7 people from across Canada worked for 3 weeks in Rwanda. The first 8 days were spent in Butare, the site of Rwanda’s national university. We held meetings with university students daily, ran programs for hundreds of children at the two schools run by Africa Mission Alliance (www.amacanada.org), and helped to establish a recording studio. The Rwandese people are amazingly warm and loving. Crowds of children follow you everywhere, caling out “Muzungu!” (white person).

The rest of the time was spent in the capital, Kigali, working with YWAM Rwanda. After a hiatus of several years, they wer ere-launching King’s Kids Rewnda. We worked closely with Arnold and Winnie, directors of KK Rwanda, and their amazing co-workers.